General Engineering


The general engineering department comprises machinery and equipment for repairs and fabrication of all types of components from parts of engines, gearboxes, differentials to other requiring bushes, shafts, gears, straightening, welding etc.



CNC MACHINING - turning and milling for complex and precision work
GEARS – all types of spur, bevel, helical and internal splined gears in steel, brass, aluminum, cast iron and nylon. Also in special steels for hardened and ground finish
MILLING WORK – for cutting keys, keyways, groves and general milling work
SHAFTS – all types of shafts turned in steels and other materials up to 4 metres lengths
LATHE WORK- for bushes, bolts, nuts, pins and other general turning work
ROLLERS – turning and grinding rollers for printing, textile, and related trades
REPAIRING PARTS – rebuilding of all types of rollers, housings, tractor parts, earth moving equipment, propeller shafts
REMETALING – white metaling for industrial crank shafts and rollers
STRAIGHTENING & PRESS WORK – presses of up to 150 Tons for straightening of axles, frames, shafts and changing bearings
WELDING WORK – all types of welding for steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, stainless steel. Specialist MIG and TIG Argon welding process for perfect welds in aluminum and stainless steels