Engine Reconditioning


The engine-reconditioning department caters for all types of petrol and diesel engines. The newest technologies allows us to provide the highest possible quality of engines parts repair - blocks, crankshafts, cylinder heads, conrods etc.


BLOCK BORING - All boring and honing of cast-iron and aluminum engine blocks carried out using the latest automatic boring and honing machines. This gives the finish according to the OE recommendations of the leading piston and engine manufacturers, resulting in the same cylinder surface finish and cross hatch angle as a new cylinder block. Resleeving to recover all excessively worn cylinders to original size

BLOCK LINE BORING – Line boring for all engine blocks including refilling worn caps to retain the original bores of main bearings 

CRANKSHAFTS - Magnetic particle crack detection and inspection for crankshafts is available to check for damage or cracks in crankshafts. Excessively worn journals can be rebuilt using submerged arc welding equipment.    Crankshafts up to 2600 mm in length can be reground within an accuracy of 0.001mm

CYLINDER HEADS - We perform all repairs of cylinder heads, including hot water pressure testing for cracks, valve seat cutting, replacing and/or processing of valve seats & valve guides. Surface grinding and milling for cylinder heads and blocks upto 1800 mm length. Other work on heads including tappet shimming, pre chamber fitting, welding etc and quality check by vacuum testing of valve seating

CON RODS - Equipped to check conrods geometry with high accuracy, and to perform conrods repair including fitting of small end bushes and grinding the big ends. We recover conrods of any type, including ones with serrated teeth faces.